Is A Time Zone Difference a Big Deal?

A designer working overseas suddenly hits a roadblock. There can be two possible solutions, two varied outcomes but neither one could be exact. He needs to know what exactly his client wants. Now the designer seems confused.

A communication or meeting up with the client will go right.

The designer/developer is working overseas distant from the client and is running twelve hours ahead. While staring at his code, in hectic trying to figure out what can be done, since the client is sound asleep.

The designer is left with no other choice but to wait.

This is the reason it’s not a great idea to work with an Indian company or hire a team that works overseas.


Obviously, no!

When you hire a team and work with the professionals focussing on working with different time zones. And, if they are masters in following a system of collaborative approach. 

What will not happen when hiring? Pros

Just first try to see the above situation from a different perspective and assume that you are working with the person having a strong communication system at its place. 

It’s a rare situation where an accomplished designer gets puzzled or gets hectic and not able to reach his client at the time of requirement. This raises several shortcomings of the designer questioning his lack of experience with the time differences. 

A company with an excellent track record of handling business overseas knows what is required and what can be avoided. 

Practicing some sensible internal rules, functional tools, and effective time-tested management methods, an experienced and skillful team is capable enough to understand the client’s requirements and expectations from top to bottom, and without any fear of a time gap.

Still if an issue occurs when you are asleep, then it can probably be resolved with maximum readiness by the time it’s the time of waking up.

How Kormoan handles any time difference

Kormoan not only works with India businesses but also partners with companies across the globe. We are often  connected with  USA & middle eastern countries exclusively, they are in very different time zones than us.

What does it mean?

By this, we mean to say that from expanding our client’s team with additional skills to delivering the full products, we’ve customized and also skillfully coped up with every advanced tool & techniques to suit a time difference. Starting from the first meeting and reaching the finish line.

All our potential designers, engineers, product managers, and QA team are experts and completely aware of the fact that they might be asked to move to a varied country for a time of a few days, weeks, even months. They are also known to the fact that their working hours differ from one day to the next. And they’re absolutely fine with it.

The Kormoan approach is fully flexible. People who can thrive in such a unique environment dare to join our team. 

More than a hundred apps successfully developed and delivered within 15 years, this made us know how we can make the best of a time difference. (To our convenience, being ahead for hours is quite beneficial. Surely will come to this later)

What do we prioritize?

Effective team management methods & customised structure

Well, it is a fact that a well-organized team is fruitful to effective communication with the client. Based on the size of the project, the range of efficient skills, and the kind of collaboration, we ensure ourselves that there we do not apply any sort of guesswork in our planning process. Also, do make surveillance that our work is not left unaccounted for.

Starting from the Product Managers to designing or engineering Leads, the team structure we ultimately rely on allows us to guarantee the three things:

1) The entire team must be totally clear on what is expected from them and the project as a whole.

2) The product or skills that are required must be delivered successfully and within time.

3) Every deadline we establish must be positively met, regardless of any kind of obstacle.

A diligent  Long-Term & Short-Term planning

Planning done with a professional team and with a proper structure plays an essential role in making things done in the right direction and on scheduled time.

Building a foundation of a partnership spanning multiple time zones requires going over the schedule and involvement of every required person. On both the kormoan and the client-side. There is a significant overlapping of time during the working hours, which results in the process of deciding suitable meeting times quite simply.

Kormoan engineers and designers always get involved only on one project at a time. Our exceptional team is composed of the mindset of eternal flexibility and is getting more refined with the experience of past projects. The evolution of a project comes up with new opportunities in the form of varied frequency of communication with the partners. Meet-ups can be arranged less frequently but prove productive at a different time.  

Kormoan team members are always prepared for such changes and ensure their precise and fruitful implementation.

With the availability, we are capable of organizing all sorts of communication to make the most of the time overlap. This includes:

Long Term roadmap outlining milestones and leading to the main target(s)

Regular stand-ups, short meetings meant for discussing specific details, not general progress but also discussion regarding requirements of projects, if any.

Agile method -Kormoan makes use of its own approach which implements the “sprint” concept

Practising the regular meetings and activities during development sprints including the backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily updates, sprint ending demo and report, plus review and retrospective analysis.

Scheduling the in-person internal meetings and online client meetings, the frequency of which depends on need and type of project

Adoption of advanced tools, all of which we have aligned to suit us and our process for optimal delivery of digital products

Such sort of thoughtful planning and clear communication ensure that:
  • After getting the task done, our team doesn’t wait for a meeting to look out for what’s next; and also don’t pause if there is an issue that requires the client’s feedback, they just work on numerous other tasks in the meantime.
  • Every form of past and future projects is always discussed, and our designers and engineers instantly deal with all sorts of issues promptly without getting any surety from clients as everyone has similar goals in mind.
  • Our growth from experiences also impacts our clients as they are also growing, understanding, and also respecting the team’s creative and potential skills by gaining the experiences and insights of our company. This is making them trustworthy towards us for guiding them on some decisions as professionals in all sorts of work we do.
  • All sorts of issues are handled proactively instead of just reactively. We do face surprises the majority of the time. We naturally predict the next problem that may occur but always find success by calling it out and tackling it together before it becomes a huge issue.
Amazing Benefits Of hiring A Team Who is 12 Hrs Ahead

“Are you trying to say that there are advantages to being across the world from what is essentially a part of your team?”

Yes, that is exactly what we are trying to say

  • Imagine waking up to a full overview of what’s been achieved during the day. (Not to forget, It is the day that has just started for you.)
  • Your review can be written or a (virtual) face-to-face stand-up whichever way you prefer it to be.
  • You have the entire working day to review what’s been achieved, you can organize your thoughts, get settled, and can go all over again in detail, prefer to reconsider, expedite, comment, etc. ( you get a good amount of time to write things out and think decisions that can help in removing some emotional, in-the-moment bias.)
  • Considering the priorities and deadlines, you can also set up a second time stand up to communicate with the team for examining the next day’s tasks, or any other relevant topic.
  • The time when you and your entire in-house team asleep, you’ve got another team fully alert, watching over all your product or service. It means 24 hours a day of someone ensuring everything is functioning as it should be.

This kind of productivity provides a great amount of advantage in dealing with the competition. Also, embrace us with peace of mind.

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