Dedicate to solve business problems and improving lives it touches.

One pixel at a time.
Full Product Delivery

We know solving business problems needs a holistic approach. That is why we have built an agile product delivery system. Here's how we do it.


Reinvent your brand.

The rapidly changing world requires new focus, new expertise, and new methods. Kormoan applies strategies to analyze, identify, and recommend new business opportunities to help companies future-proof themselves and evolve how they work. We device an approach of how, what and when to get the best ROI.


Transform your experiences.

Design has moved away from just being unique and beautiful, it has to be useful. We pay attention to what people want and love, providing an engaging design to recalibrate problems to create experiences that communicate.


Empower your techstacks.

Building a tech stack isn’t just a matter of having a collection of great tools or knocking a few lines of code. It’s how we literally stack those tools and how they work together which makes it successful. We help you make those choices that matter when you grow.


Maximize your impact.

Your business may be up and running, but it could always run better. From attracting and retaining customers to driving commerce and managing operations. Our strength in data collection and visualisation with human intuition help us discover actionable insights lead to point towards what needs a change.


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Working with us

It’s not just our track record, the efficiency of our process and the quality of our products.

We are proud of ourselves for providing one of the fastest turnaround time in the industry and having the vision to build products that scale. That is why we are more than just innovative solutions. Think of us as an extension to your team. You know your business well, while we have a deep understanding of what works. Together we can build a custom plan that will help bring your vision to life.


Kormoan can be
a great partner.

Pleasure to Work With

“Always a pleasure working with Kormoan! I was always very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism the team exhibited and they never failed to deliver in our tight deadlines while maintain high standards of work. The reason why we hired Kormoan for so many projects over the last 10 years. “

Zarbin Chadha

JLL Singapore

Economically Viable

“Having a digital partner with the vision to think log term solution helped us focus more on business. Everything we still do is on the same design framework that the Kormoan team has build. It ended up saving us money, we never have to start from the beginning again and again.”

Dipak Kapoor

Business Head - Europe, Inox Group

Attention to detail

“We developed a great partnership with Kormoan and their dedication to our health care app is evident in all aspects of design and development. We appreciate their attention to detail and strategic thinking to brining our new app to life.“

Sumit Yadav

VP-Operations, PharmaSecure

Ways we collaborate

Next level design & technology.

We understand every business has different kinds of requirements at various stages to fulfilling design and development goals. We collaborate flexibly.
Think of us whether you wish to discuss the potential of an idea, developing a full product, or need to hire a team of 2 or 10 experts to get your project over the finishing line. We collaborate flexibly in both ways as per your choice and need.

Full Product Delivery

We have a process driven working environment which fosters your vision, workinng with cross team to takes away all your hassles and provide an end to end solution.
  • Well-rounded solution
  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Continued support
  • Outsource with ease
  • Flexible costing and International workhour

Agile Team

Easily flexible to plug-in and plug-out, whether for quick projects, need for scaling up or fulfilling a skill gap, our highly specialised team has you covered.
  • Right Design & Tech Skills
  • Specialised team at your project scale
  • Your direction with our skills
  • Time tracked and progress mapping
  • Trained to the requisite level

We’ve crafted a team
of rockstars at Kormoan.

Commonly, we share an extraordinary passion to transform businesses and create beautiful products, intelligent solutions & better user experiences, and have thus set course to make design more intuitive and enjoyable.


With decades of experience, we are specialists in various disciplines experience designer, graphic design, creative writers, animators, developers, engineers and researchers.


We believe everything we do, eventually should lead to a greater good- and what good it is if it doesn’t make people happy? Happily, we have a mild manner and a great sense of humor.


However, don’t let our cultural comforts fool you, we are extremely focused and know with our creative magic comes the responsibility to make this world a better place, and we try our best, one pixel at a time.

Kormoan was founded in 2009 with the inspiration to do something worth doing and the belief that “Magic is in doing”. Founded by Ashutosh Srivastava in his college days.