Why I hate being an Entrepreneur.

My entrepreneurial journey started in the final semester of college, it was when the world was going through a depression. They said it was much like the great depression the world witnessed around 1930. But historically small companies did thrive during the great depression, look at what GE, Disney, HP, and Microsoft have in common. So… I started. Entrepreneurship as an adjective was not very common those days. But it meant the same, pursuit of an opportunity irrespective of the resources not in control. With a computer, a few temporary helping hands and without knowing what it takes, I began for this pursuit. What I have to say here is not my story, almost 😉

When starting the journey you never realize it involves many moving parts. For sometime you can manage them on your own, eventually, it becomes so overwhelming that it gets difficult to focus. You need to be insanely self-motivated to get through this. It takes almost everything before it gives back. Consumes your best years, friends and family. Even your wall of motivation starts to crumble when you witness that the world has been running at a separate pace. For how long can you guard your solitude of self richness.

Did someone say money? -There are hardly any entrepreneurs who started and went through all this to make money. Finding one opportunity that will change everything almost never happens, finding ten can get you an office and few employees, finding continued opportunities that makes impact for an extended period of time will take greatness.

Truly great entrepreneurs live in a permanent state of growth and development. They are constantly iterating, responding to new experiences, innovations, and paths. You try to relish the journey instead of racing to the finish line. And after all the struggles, you get that tiny light, and when you see it you want to put it on auto-mode so that it never stops even when you take a breath to enjoy its warmth. But a complacent mindset is the worst enemy in an entrepreneur’s life. No one has skipped this phase, you may only shorten the duration depending on your ability. Make a knot, your best friend is failure and the need to learn how to live beyond your comfort zone.

You might agree that it’s true for every choice in life, to be an entrepreneur it always boils down to having courage & hope. The courage of seeking hope in the hardships & uncertainty. Although, hope is ironic. It has ruined many dreams, careers, and even lives. Broken more hearts than any lover, and made more fools than any conman. But it is what has to be done to stay on course to achieve greater things knowing the cost of hope.

Remember, a true entrepreneur’s journey is about leaving the world better than you found it. A legacy.

If you have come this far, Thank you. I would love your opinion, feel free to share them in comment section.

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