Our Software Maintenance & Repairing Services

For over 10 years of experience, Kormoan has the best skilled and experienced technicians who are very well-known for software maintenance after the completion of a project, supporting the legacy system or products built by us or by other vendors. Our technical services for you are available 24*7, depending on our customer’s needs.

We provide you with effective and efficient technical support & maintenance, by storing the source code and keeping the documents, user manuals, operation manuals, and indicators for each project up to date.

Every detail of your IT devices is well taken care of

All your infrastructure and applications in the cloud or on-premises are precisely worked on via:

  • Viable Integration

We work with our policy of functionality with integration and can assure you with remarkable technical services you would ever imagine. Kormoan as a software support company can help you in designing, developing, implementing new features, and integrating them with other third-party features or applications used in your organization. Our architect will provide a detailed integration framework.

  • Ongoing Technical Support

Our perpetual support for software maintenance and support services include ongoing outage/repair, bug repair, troubleshooting, support, guidance and consulting services, etc. Our experts can solve your software-related problems at any point in time.

  • Constant Software Upgradation

Kormoan, as per your request, conducts software audits and puts forward ideas and suggestions on the content and methods that can be improved. Our team experts will provide the best ways and technical solutions to implement system improvements.

  • Ultra Supportive Team

We handle each complex and long-term project, with the support of a dedicated technical support team composed of project team members, which can provide 24×7 services at the designated time of the working day according to multiple options.

Kormoan team as your technical support

With regular IT maintenance and support, you can eliminate many risks and plan your IT budget. In addition to better software performance, you can also benefit from hosting security, improved business continuity, and overall business efficiency.

Why Choose us?

Find out how hundreds of our customers benefit from professional software support.

  • Get the support of professionals

Our maintenance and technical support experts are powerful developers, business analysts, and test engineers. As a team, they will negotiate with you and determine your needs. Based on software audits, your requirements, or business analysis, we will develop the most effective strategy for your project.

  • Interesting range of service options

Kormoan provides a wide range of technical support options. Our customers are happy to have the opportunity to choose a comfortable time for this service and match their budget expectations with our products.

  • Innovating consulting services

In addition to obtaining professional software support solutions and services, we also provide advanced consulting on innovation, digital transformation, and various enhancements. By interacting with your software regularly, our team can recommend how to improve it.

  • Best transparent cooperation

We focus on providing quality services, that is why you receive regular reports, depending on the type of service you receive as a client. We will inform you about troubleshooting, bug fixes, new feature releases, issues, changes, etc.

Let’s get indulge with our technical support process

We have a sharp and well-defined process for providing technical support to our clients.

  • Understanding client’s needs

We first determine your current problems and need to determine the support options that are most preferable for you. We generally proceed with providing technical support by categorizing our client needs to our approaches.

  • Creating the support plans

To obtain fast and efficient support, we form a team and conduct multiple meetings to obtain all the knowledge about your project and specific questions about the project. We formulate a support plan and workflow exclusively preferable to your needs.

  • Providing the L2 technical support

We provide our clients with level 2 technical support for the troubleshooting process and helping our customers resolve problems without changing code. These services include databases, software systems, and cloud solutions.

  • Providing the L3 technical support

  The Level 3 technical support is for software maintenance by changing the software code. The scope of services includes bug fixes, integration issues, vulnerabilities, and security and performance-related flaws. The L3 support representative is usually someone who understands the back end of the product.

 Our requirements for successful technical support services

Kormoan, while providing you with reliable services, seeks some help from clients too.

  • A person to contact and gather information while troubleshooting.
  • Make available documentation that is specific to the project architecture and mockups.
  • A clear vision or goal about particular project maintenance
  • Major- league of project requirements

Kormoan believes in the magic of performance, which is only possible by performing functions in unity towards the same vision. 

Do try us for effective technical support and believe us for maintaining all your IT ecosystem. We can turn things to the best.

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