Privacy Policy

Updated on 15 July 2020

Hey, let’s have a look at the Kormoan privacy policy!


Why is Kormoan interested in privacy?

Because we are serious about maintaining privacy and also legally bound to place the privacy policy on our website.

But wait, there is something more you should know.



Kormoan might collect your personal information to serve you better.


Personal information? What are you expecting to do with this? Anyways, it seems I should read the privacy policy carefully.

Well, yes. Because you should be aware of what we are doing about our policy. Also hey, you know what, we have put effort into writing this 🙂

And “personal information” it’s nothing. We will use it to respond to queries and stay connected with website visitors. We will keep your personal information with us like name, email address, contact details, and address, or maybe your age or profession very safe, Simple!


You have mentioned visitors who are your visitors?

Visitors? Right now, “you”, and all those reading the privacy policy and exploring our website. In short, anyone who visits our site is a “visitor”.


Can you make it clear how you will use my data?

We will use it to make your experience better with us.




  • To improve our services
  • To solve your queries
  • To share something new with our newsletter options (in case you want)
  • To offer more customization experience
  • etc.


Protection of data


How can you ensure the protection of my data?

Interesting, it is something you should know. Our employees who have access to your personal information will keep it confidential. Neither anyone will share it nor use it for any purpose we aren’t authorized to. This is a policy we use for internal purposes.


And, what are the things that you aren’t authorized to do?

We are not authorized to rent, sell or share your personal information with others or non-affiliated companies but a few exceptions are there-hope you don’t mind!

  • Payment information (in case you buy something from us) via a third-party payment processor. The third-party will collect, store and process your credit card on our behalf using industry-standard security measures.
  • In case, you permit us to share the personal information with some other party or company.
  • If it is asked by the subpoenas, or through court orders.
  • If it is required for some investigation or legal action.
  • To exercise our legal rights or as a defense against legal claims, and to enforce the Kormoan Terms of Service-if any.
  • If Kormoan merges or is acquired by another company.

Whenever possible, we will issue a notification of such disclosure before it happens.


Collection of data


Now, how do you collect these data anyways? 

Firstly, you must have seen a contact form on the pages, asking for your name, email, mobile number, and some other details. Have you already filled it? Great, we got your information.

If you purchase something from us, through this we can get your payment information. It will include a credit card number, security code, and expiration date. We don’t need it until you buy something from us (for sure you won’t mind sharing after exploring the good stuff).

Let us clear one thing, in case you are not aware. Receiving payment from the clients includes third-party involvement. We simply submit it to a third-party payment processor, and they need to meet specific security requirements. Once it is done, they will process your payment information on our behalf. Yes, this is how it works.

Few other things, your browser helps us in gathering information. Like, your IP address, software, and hardware aspects, cookies help us as well.


Will you offer us a cookie? A treat on reading privacy policy?

Distracted! Well, here it relates to the digital cookies present on the internet. Cookies are small files of data that are stored on the user’s computer. It saves the few ordinary things you are looking for by browsing your internet like preferences and identifiers. From cookies, we gather the data about you.

If you don’t wish to share, you need to change the setting of your web browser. We will not receive it.


What does Kormoan do with cookies?

We help you with cookies. Kormaon shows the personalized data of your preferences on your system and improves the overall experience of the website.


Now, you have everything about your visitors. Anything else?

Yes, “Analytics”, is the service offered by Google and other service providers to track the website traffic. It will help us to understand what our visitors are doing on our website and what areas need to be improved to make their experience better.


That’s all. Thank you!



Your Rights


What are my rights here?

It’s all your data, you have the right to view the information you have submitted to us, or you can request us to delete your data-hoping, not to receive any! One thing you must ensure is giving us a reasonable time for serving you with whatever you are requesting.


Are there any privileges for California people? 

You must be asking because you perhaps live in California? or you may be interested in introducing someone to our website. That’s great!

Okay. Yes, residents from California do have some privilege regarding their rights to personal information. As per California Law, you can ask for a third party’s names and addresses if we have disclosed your personal information to them for marketing purposes.

But, please remember, requests are allowed only once in a preceding calendar year.


What to do if I don’t find anything good about the privacy policy?

Is there anything wrong? Where?


Not right now, but in case you change your privacy policy and I need some clarifications?

Okay. No problem. If you feel so, please contact us at