The Kormoan Approach In Estimating The Project Cost

Cost estimation is the practice of predicting the cost of accomplishing a project with a defined scope.

However, in the field of software design and engineering, rarely do a client approach with a precise and clearly defined scope. For accomplishing any sort of task there’s an idea or goal. Also, sometimes, there are experiences. The real scope of what needs to be done is a total mystery.

People are unaware of what they’re asking for, but they always want a price.

It is not the client’s shortcomings or mistakes. How can we expect a person with no proper background in designing or engineering to come forward with a clear perspective of what all is needed for the completion of a successful project? 

Nonetheless, such crucial intangibles are required to be defined. This precisely is the phase where Discovery as a process, is practiced. It involves the initiation of an honest conversation with the client. We converse, ask questions and also provide the client with all the required explanations. Slowly, we try to disclose the details of every information i.e, fair but the real estimation of the cost is not provided.

Kormoan has worked with almost hundreds of clients. The experience makes us learn that cost

estimation is just like a mini-project. Moving forward quickly and effectively requires:

  • Accumulating the right people
  • To be honest & co-operative
  • More asking than assuming

Let’s just dive into the information stating what all a potential client can expect from us, what our team expects from you and why this process is running on being transparent to one another.

Accumulating The Right People

To every sort of project Kormoan indulges into, always rely on a collaborative approach that leverages the cooperative intelligence of our entire professional team.

It’s impossible to work unilaterally as one person can’t have all the answers. There can be the chances of inherent distrust between the buyer and seller, and also the first suggestions of a cost estimation can create a situation of doubt and anxiousness. This is why the Discovery Phase is regulated.

A mode of having rightful discussions that are the foundation of the Discovery Phase makes everyone’s presence feel comfortable. This results in offering unique value either by providing answers or by asking the appropriate questions.

To confirm that we’re looking at every individual case from all possible angles, we bring the following Kormoan experts into the Discovery process.

  • Partnership Manager of tactics. This is known as the person who is going to be with you from the beginning and also ensures that conversations do not lose track.
  • Product Manager. The Product Manager with full valuable experience acquired from years and is known to everything that is needed to be discussed not only for the sake of cost estimation but also the whole sum of the project. Moreover, he/she coordinates all the internal stakeholders on Kormoan’s side, and has been chosen as the “perfect fit” for the project (always passionate about the project or industry, also predicting potential roadblocks, etc.)
  • Lead(s) for the Platform or Platform Lead Representative(s).Also known as the Department Leads or Team Leads (i.e. iOS Lead), all these highly experienced engineers wind up into the conversation to ensure all appropriate technical questions are fully covered. As per the availability, the lead may appoint someone from his/her team as a representative. However, It is required that a person must still get approved on all sorts of decisions and estimations from the concerned lead.
To Be Honest & Collaborative

Kormoan guarantees its clients absolute transparency. For bringing immense value, kormoan guarantees premium service and a valuable partnership.

Also, if you are looking for a cheap team that can get things done in the quickest, dirtiest way possible, then we want to let you know that we are not the one fit for you.

There is no doubt in saying that you can always find a company that displays a smaller number. To let you know, the question of only cost alone should never be the defining factor. It’s just a part of a puzzle. Finding a cheap solution can’t be equatable to a cost-effective one.

It is natural to get attracted towards one showing lower numbers during the initial meetings and then pile it afterward. This is quite easy to provide you with the cheapest version of what you want, and then later on letting you deal with redesigning and rebuilding a futile or lackluster product.

We are not at all involved in these kinds of things. Kormoan, with more than 15 years of experience, is honest, full of an enthusiastic company whom you can trust blindly and assure only profit right away.

Would you like to discuss how we can help you with app discovery phase?  Reach out.

We always make the client a part of the journey. Mostly during the Discovery Phase. Here we all work to understand every individual requirement, it’s also important that you must also understand us: What are we bringing to the table? How elaborate will the production be? and how imperative it can be? Always remember that these projects are constantly evolving,

As the whole process proceeds with complete transparency and open communication, a client can fully understand this concept, and gradually accept the fact that an estimate will always be just like that—an estimate.

To have an error-free itemized estimation in hand before a project begins simply can’t be productive. Kormoan offers his clients a varied range. Our goal always revolves around the comfortability of the client. It’s almost like to be closest to any software company that can get to a number while always being true, and avoiding all kinds of hollow promises.

More Asking Than Assuming

Information can sometimes mislead you. This is why it’s not about asking the questions but asking the right ones.

Clients often come to us asking for some X products, but as we go deeper and understand their requirements, we come to know that they are actually in search of Y. 

How did this happen? Let’s just give you some examples-

  • It happens as the client is not fully aware of X and Y but engineers are known to them as they are having full experience in the industry.
  • The client remains unknown to the fact that Y exists.
  • Such situations also arise as the reasons for choosing X may have incorrectly visualized to outweigh the reasons for choosing Y.
  • The client wrongly assumed that to get a certain outcome, X can be the only option.
  • X is a required step towards Y (or it can be vice versa)

To combat such situations and to get them resolved, it becomes essential to discuss not just the product, but also the value the provided product will bring to the client.

We try to do this by asking questions like:

  • What are you willing to achieve?
  • Are you in the hope to meet some specific needs?
  • Are you having a set timeline? Is the timing unpredictable?
  • How many stakeholders are we going to work with?
  • Have we planned out with a fixed budget, or time and materials?

 We also need to understand to whom we are speaking with and how familiar you are with the industry. Are you having any sort of experience with a similar endeavor? Is it a startup, or a corporation with a new product that has to be made in use to hundreds of thousands of users? Are you able to provide an elaborate product specification?


Kormoan always aims to acquire as much detail as we can, so we’re able to make rightful decisions and also perform predictions based on individual needs. This is the way by which we estimate the level of effort and also the amount of time that a project would require. Finally, this process helps in arriving at a solution and also helps in performing the cost estimation that permits us to grow it for you.

Coming Down To The Question Of Trust

We are having a professional team that is potential enough in earning the reputation of a trustworthy partner. Indulging with companies big and small, precisely building our portfolio of progressive projects, searching for the top professionals across the world, and also welcoming them to our international team.

Let’s get to know each other. Do visit our office and meet the Kormoan team. Then decide if you want to work together. We would be more than happy to get you part of the Kormoan team.

Believe us as we are asking you the right questions. Also, feel free and maintain your trust in us while answering them honestly. We’ll surely provide you with an estimate and a solution customized as per your needs.  

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